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CMS Payments Intelligence is an international payments consultancy made up from a highly experienced team of consultants and analysts that advise merchants on how to optimise and reduce their payment costs.

How We Work

We will work with you on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that your arrangements continue to operate efficiently and under optimal commercial terms. Invoices are billed in arrears, allowing you to benefit from the savings without any up-front costs.
CMSpi will break down the end-to-end supply chain of accepting payments, giving you unrivalled visibility into the structure of your arrangements and where your suppliers are benefitting from complex underlying cost structures and inefficient processes.
We will then present our findings and offer a suite of options to fit your bespoke requirements. Once we have agreed next steps, we will realign your commercial terms and processes, managing the process with as little or as much involvement from you.
CMSpi endeavour to make it as easy as possible to engage in a project. We work on a risk-free basis; taking a contingency fee to ensure that you gain maximum value.
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