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CMS Payments Intelligence was founded by CEO Brendan Doyle in 1991, and began life under the name ‘Cash Management Systems’ before becoming the payments consultancy we know today. Originally based in Widnes in the North West of England, Brendan founded CMS after completing an MBA at Manchester Business School and a career at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The early days of Cash Management Systems consisted of developing optimised cash collection schedules for UK retailers and building societies. It was soon discovered that, owing to a unique insight of the cash supply chain, further value could be added to CMS clients by analysing and negotiating new contract proposals from cash in transit providers. With CMS being the only party with an impartial visibility of multiple suppliers, processes, pricing and contracts, it was clear that benchmarking and an independent verification of these areas could be of tremendous benefit to clients.

In 2003, (the now) Managing Director Elley Frost joined the company and made an immediate impact in leading client projects and drove new business from working with the very top echelons of the retail industry. 

Following a vast success with assisting retailers to improve their cash collection processes - and with electronic payments on the rise - CMS were regularly asked for consultation in the areas of credit & debit cards. Alistair Combes, Director of Knowledge, joined CMS in 2005 and began developing the business' non-cash services. 

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In the years following this, CMS honed its core services, finding new areas for operational efficiencies and cost reductions. As a result, new services were created, expertise in new sectors were developed and CMS began working on international projects for clients with subsidiaries in multiple countries.

From covering almost every area of merchant payments, it was deemed that the name Cash Management Systems no longer reflected the expanded nature of the company's services. So in 2011, the company rebranded as CMS Payments Intelligence (or CMSpi for short). 

Further new, complementary services were developed, including consultancy for Payment Service Provision, Dynamic Currency Conversion, Tax Free Shopping, Interchange Optimisation and new payment technologies.

CMSpi now has offices in Manchester, Chicago and Paris with its core markets being North America and Europe.

To date, CMSpi has applied its expertise in 27 countries, working with hundreds of major retailers and negotiating billions every year. 

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