November 18th 2016 | CMS Payments Intelligence

Acquirers across Europe have begun informing their clients of new changes to Visa scheme fees, the latest blow to merchants following Visa Inc.’s takeover of Visa Europe in May – view CMSpi’s article at the time predicting increases. 

Scheme fees for all Visa credit and debit transactions, including domestic, inter and intra-regional are on the rise, with some merchants reporting double-digit increases. MasterCard has also taken the opportunity to increase some of its fees too, all of which are exacerbated by the fall in the pound. 


CMSpi Director, Alistair Combes: "The change from a not-for-profit, member owned organisation (Visa Europe) to a public company (Visa Inc.) means that any retained profit historically distributed to members (acquirers) and passed on to merchants now goes to Visa. Therefore, merchants stand to lose out as schemes seek to increase margins yet again” 



Unfortunately, these scheme fee changes are unavoidable. However, there are inconsistencies in the way they are being passed on to merchants and we have seen a variance in the % uplift of scheme fees across our client base. This suggests that some acquirers are taking the opportunity to supplement these increases with additional margin of their own and changes to MasterCard fees.

If your acquirer has already communicated these updates with you, CMSpi can identify whether the changes you’ve received are in line with what your peers will be paying and help you mitigate the impact of the cost increases. For more information & to speak to a consultant please email

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