Why CMSpi is unique

CMS Payments Intelligence is trusted by major organisations the world over to reduce their cash and card transaction costs, both domestically and internationally.

Knowledge and Market Intelligence

CMSpi has over 20 years’ experience of supply chain market intelligence and an ongoing visibility of true supplier costs. Our knowledge enables us to give our clients a significant competitive advantage in complex and highly concentrated supplier industries.

Software and Analysis

Our proprietary Pinpoint software is essential for analysing large amounts of complicated supplier data to unlock potential value. The presentation of our in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis allow our clients to make informed, executive decisions at every stage of the project.


Economies of Scale and Market Strength

The scale of projects CMSpi manages every year exceed £100bn in payments transaction volumes. This combined market strength enables us to ensure absolute best-in-class service & commercial terms are offered to our clients by suppliers, irrespective of our clients’ size/turnover.

Resources and Processes

CMSpi projects are delivered, on average, three times quicker than internal processes, using a highly skilled team of analysts, consultants and negotiators, all working to structured project plans. From information gathering through to savings delivery, our projects require only minimal resource from our clients while guaranteeing optimal results.

Sector-Specific Benchmarking

Our vast database allows us to confidentially undertake sector-specific benchmarking, ranking the costs and efficiency of our client’s current payments solutions respective to their peers.


As an independent consultancy, we have no affiliation with any supplier globally. We are proud to be considered retail champions and trusted, impartial advisers to our clients.

 All of this is under a risk-free commercial structure. We are paid by sharing the cost-savings we deliver: there are no up-front fees and no catches.

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