The actual cost of a merchants’ cash is virtually impossible for any individual merchant to calculate, due to the number of variables within the commercial arrangements and internal processes sitting behind the CIT service.

Numerous clients engage with CMSpi with long standing ‘legacy’ agreements in place, unaware of the vast array of potential opportunities from not only commercial negotiations, but also the restructuring of the cash supply chain.

We break down current CIT costs and confidentially benchmark each component against our extensive client base. We then use our proprietary software, Pinpoint:Cash to assess current CIT schedules and present the optimal schedule balancing cash flow, cost and risk.

CMSpi considers the above factors as part of a holistic review, analysing how your CIT arrangements link to the rest of the cash supply chain – ultimately identifying and delivering the best solution for each client.

3 Key Benefits of CMSpi's Cash in Transit Service

Reduce costsSuperior operational efficiencies
reduce costsReduced costs owing to optimal commercial terms
SupplierIndependent review of current arrangements and a clear understanding of supplier capabilities

With over 20 years’ experience of operating independently in the cash supply chain market, we can provide unparalleled insights, advice and guidance on CIT arrangements. By taking the resource commitment pain away, we can fully manage the project with only minimal requirements from our clients. We deliver a completely client-focussed solution, future-proofed against a changing payments landscape.

Our technical expertise, bespoke software and ability to benchmark all cost variables gives each and every client complete peace of mind that they will be able to clearly see the true underlying cost structures as well as the true supplier margins.

Areas we analyse 

Collection Costs

Delivery Cost

Indemnity Structure

Interest Benefit

Internal Safe Limit

Supplier Contract

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