The lack of publically available rates for all interchange jurisdictions and qualification categories, combined with differences in acquirer requirements to qualify for certain rates and the lack of alignment of objectives between suppliers and merchants mean that many merchants pay higher costs for card acceptance than they need to.

Those merchants who can optimise their interchange costs can enjoy a competitive advantage through improved margins. 

CMSpi will work with you to understand the structure of your business, how the payment channels operate and the jurisdictions through which you accept payments. Our team of expert analysts will create a mathematical model of your transaction profile and test this model against a range of scenarios to determine the optimum payment acceptance strategy for your business.

We will take account of your requirements and capabilities in areas such as static or dynamic transaction routing, countries of domicile and capture/authentication methods to ensure our recommendations are achievable and tailored to your business. CMSpi will present the results of our analysis along with a range of options to deliver an optimized solution, we will then work with you and your suppliers to ensure delivery of the benefits we identify in an efficient and timely manner.

Reasons to use our Interchange Optimisation Advisory Service:

future proofFuture proof arrangements to ensure you maintain a competitive advantage
optimalOptimal interchange costs – the most significant aspect of your cost of card acceptance
independentIndependent validation of your arrangements and an impartial view of supplier capabiltiies

CMSpi has decades of combined experience in optimizing the costs of card acceptance for merchants across a broad range of sectors and jurisdictions, we use this depth of knowledge and expertise to ensure that no opportunity is missed and that our merchants avoid the many pitfalls of this complex field.

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