These costs and benefits will also vary considerably from sector to sector and must be analysed on an individual merchant by merchant basis.

Within each type of technology, there are also a vast number of suppliers whose specifications will be different, meaning that assessing the solutions and trying to develop a business case can be like comparing apples and oranges. Furthermore, other challenges to developing the business case, such as large CAPEX and measurement of success also prove to be prohibitive. However, if applied fittingly, the benefits can ultimately far outweigh the costs – both commercially and also from an internal process perspective.

CMSpi has extensive experience of working with many suppliers of various technologies. From initial scoping through to a selection process and implementation across an estate, CMSpi has supported a number of clients with the relevant analysis and supplier insight necessary to implement a successful solution. We also consider the implications for the wider supply chain, including a cost-benefit analysis of the impact on your cash in transit provider, internal staff and operational processes.

3 Key Benefits of CMSpi's Cash Office Technology Service

understandingFull understanding of the impact of implementing cash office technology
minimal effortMinimal resource required for the selection of the right solution
business caseConstruction of a justifiable business case to support the implementation of relevant technologies

Understanding the most suitable type of technology for your business can be a time consuming and complicated piece of analysis. Engaging with a number of potential suppliers and running a tender process also adds to the resource required to run this project internally. CMSpi can help by fully managing the vendor selection process, completing all necessary analysis and providing recommendations based on our extensive industry experience. With only minimal resource and executive decision-making requirements from you, this lowers the risk of selecting a cash office technology solution yourself.

Areas we analyse 

Collection Costs

Delivery Cost

Indemnity Structure

Interest Benefit

Internal Safe Limit

Supplier Contract

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