It is not a simple process to benchmark costs and processes against your peers, and each project must be approached in a bespoke manner to get the solution that's right for you.

The capabilities of suppliers also vary across the market, and this can mean that merchants are unaware of beneficial market movements, particularly if the incumbent supplier is not the first to introduce the changes. There are also a number of other factors, such as merchants’ cash in transit (CIT) arrangements, banking provider and cash office technology that must be considered in a cash processing review.


3 Key Benefits of CMSpi's Cash Processing Service:

Reduce costsReduced cash processing costs and optimal commercial terms
visibilityFull visibility of the cost structures making up the total processing cost
understandingClear understanding of supplier capabilities and additional services

By gaining visibility of the each of the cash processing suppliers’ capabilities in a number of different sectors, CMSpi can provide impartial guidance as to how to optimise the cash processing arrangements and drive down cost of cash. Our specialist expertise in this area of the cash industry means that our clients benefit from over 20 years’ of built-up knowledge and best practice from working with merchants across 22 countries.

Areas we analyse: 

Average Deposit Size


Cash Presentation

Denomination Breakdown


Note vs Coin Split

Total Annual

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