CMSpi analyses multiple options to implement the best-case DCC structure for your customers and your business.

DCC allows the merchant to offer foreign cardholders the option to pay in their local currency; giving the customer visibility of the exact amount they will be charged. By moving the currency conversion away from the issuing banks, merchants can offer their customers a preferential exchange rate whilst introducing a significant revenue stream.

Implementing DCC can deliver 7 figure savings in the total cost of accepting card payments for merchants. However, these benefits come with the challenge of managing complex structures, often involving multiple areas of the supply chain, from DCC providers, acquirers and PSPs, to internal reconciliations, store operations and marketing teams.

3 Key Benefits of CMSpi's DCC Service

BenchmarkIdentify and benchmark commission shares to each area of the supply chain and merchant share

maximise reventMaximise potential DCC revenue for your business

optimizeOptimise overall merchant
revenue - accounting for hit rate, geographies, payment channels, customer experience and more

Multiple factors influence DCC success and we can measure this success by plotting your current situation and comparing against the wider market. Our in-depth analysis offers unrivalled visibility of the complexities surrounding lost revenue if currency structure/s are not optimised and how DCC arrangements will work in tandem with the existing acquirer.

DCC is a great opportunity for merchants and consumers alike, whose objectives should both be aligned. Consumers want a fair, hassle-free service and above all, a value add. Access to a range of best prices, without the increase to wait-times at the point of sale, is critical to your customer’s experience and we will conduct a full cost-benefit analysis for your business case.

 Areas we analyse 

Awareness at Point of Sale


Currencies Supported

Customer Experience

DCC Rates


Integration with wider supply chain

Payment Channels

Settlement Timescales

Supplier Beneficiary Payments

Terminal Integration

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