Tax Free Shopping allows shoppers from non-EU countries to claim back the VAT on purchases made within the EU. This process is managed by a third party provider who take a portion of the VAT rebate, and divide it between themselves and the merchant. This benefits consumers and merchants alike, as consumers will be more inclined to shop at stores they are aware that provide this service.

We understand that in order for your business to fully realise the benefits of incorporating a Tax Free Shopping service, your focus needs to extend beyond the short-term additional revenue gains – which can be significant - and strike a balance between your business needs and the needs of your customers. Overseas customers should have the ability (and awareness) to obtain the maximum value via shopping with you, which will ensure satisfied, repeat custom.

CMSpi will carry out a detailed consultation of your current and potential Tax Free Shopping arrangements to identify opportunities where improvements in customer experience and direct revenue can be made.

3 Key Benefits of CMSpi's Tax Free Shopping Service

visibilityAdditional visibility to benchmark match-rate across your peers
Cash flowCost benefit analysis on the trade-off between supplier rates and customer demand
valueQuantify the added value gained from wider marketing benefits and incremental sales

CMSpi can establish what additional benefits are available through an improved and more efficient structure, whilst ensuring that any savings are retrieved from the supply chain, not your customer.

We will help you implement a solution for your business that impacts positively on all stakeholders of the process, including an enhanced marketing proposition and additional long-term revenue through incremental sales.

We have worked with numerous major organisations on implementing improved Tax Free Shopping projects and are proud to be considered trusted advisors.

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Settlement Models


Industry Changes

Scheme Fees


Processing Fees

Interchange Profile

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